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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Error WIS 10901 - Database error occur

Database error occur. The error message is : (CS) "DBDriver failed to load : Installdir\win32_x86\dataAccess\connectionServer\dbd_oci.dll (the module cannot be found)". (WIS 10901)


Business Objects XI R 3.1
DB Oracle 11g

When opening a Webi report on infoview, the above error is generated,while Webi rich client  works fine.

The problem can be explained because the WebI Rich Client uses your local connection settings while infoview uses those on the Business Objects server. So you need to check  that the server has same DB access of your local machine. Besides  you need to  keep in mind that the permissions depends  by the service account, so if your service runs under local account then you need to check the security policy on this account.


You need to check the following points:

1. If you have not an Oracle client on your client You need to install it

2. Set the ORACLE_HOME

3. Check whether TNS.ORA is set up properly and there is only one entry in the system.

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