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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SAP Dashboard Error - Cannot find the BusinessObjects Enterprise report source. (LO 26608)

Cannot find the BusinessObjects Enterprise report source. (LO 26608)

Environment SAP BO XI 4.1 SP 5 two nodes Cluster
Windows Server 2012

While refreshing dashboard (based on Live Office connection) from BI Launchpad with a no administrator user the above exception was erased.

SAP says:
The document is not available; for example it does not exist, or it has been

Check the report path from CMS and use SetLocation in Live Office to
re-define the report source. Otherwise, check if the user has sufficient rights
to view the object.

In our case  we fixed this problem was to removing  all  Live Office connections from the Dashboard and re-created them and then  we saved back to platform!
When you make changes to your Live Office connection inside of the nested Excel instance, the data manager wont detect and apply changes to your Live Office configuration. Simply deleting and re-adding your Live Office connections in the data manager will solve the problem if you modify the Live Office objects or prompts.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Webi Error XI 4.1 - Your security profile does not include permission to edit this documents (WIS 30252)

Webi Error XI 4.1  - Your security profile does not include permission to edit this documents (WIS 30252)

Below mentioned mentioned error message is displayed while performing drill in a Web Intelligence(WebI) report by non-Administrator user:
"Your security profile does not include permission to edit this documents (WIS 30252)".


SAP Business Objects XI 4.1 SP 4 - two node cluster
Windows Server 2012 R2
Database  Teradata 14

Reproducing the Issue
1.  Login to WebI Rich client/BILaunchPad using Administrator account and create a new Webi report on a universe.
2.  In the query panel select a dimension and a measure.
3.  Save report to the repository.
4.  Enable "Drill" in the report. Administrator is able to successfully perform drill in the report.
5.  Logout and login to BIlaunchPad using Non-Administrator user and open the same report in View mode.
6.  Try to perform Drill in the report.       Below mentioned error message is displayed:
"Your security profile does not include permission to edit this documents (WIS 30252)."

User do not have "Edit query" right on the document.

1.     Login to the Central Management Console (CMC)
2.     Go to the Applications.
3.     Select Web Intelligence
4.     Select User Security
5.     Select the user / group with which we are getting error.
6.     Go to Assign Security
7.     Go to Advanced tab  ; Add/Remove Rights
8.     Under Application  ; Web Intelligence  ; Specific Rights for Web Intelligence
9.     Grant the right "Reporting  Enable Formatting"

Monday, April 27, 2015

Information Design Tool XI 4.1 SP 5 - Problem on opening a session as designer user not administrator

Information Design Tool - Problem on opening a session as designer user not administrator 

IDT 4.1 SP 5  - 2 nodes  Cluster 
Windows 2012 R2 

 Our customer has a problem while opening session on Information Design Tool loggin on with a not administator  user.

We found the solution on SAP Knoledge base in the following note.

1916649 - Information Design Tool session terminated right after login for certain users

Reproducing the Issue

In the CMC deny the "View Objects" and "View objects that the user owns" access level on "UserA" 's Inbox
Log in IDT using "UserA"
Notice that the session is terminated and an error message might appear


The user has not been granted right access into its BI Inbox


Make sure the users have view rights on their own Inboxes:

In order to open session in IDT , designer user need full control access on Inbox 

After giving the related rights on the inbox root folder the designer user solved its problem on accessing in the repository as you can see in the following image

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BO XI R 3.1 - Changing Business Objects Server Hostname

If you need to change the hostname of BOE XI 3.1 server machine follow these steps

1.     Disable all job servers so schedules are protected until you are confident your changes have been executed correctly.
2.     Change the machine name. Restart the server and 3.0 backend is solid and working.
3.     Reconfigure the application servers. Stand alone or not, these may need to be reconfigured:
a. Java based (Tomcat, Jboss, etc):
- Make a copy and then edit the WEB.XML files which in Tomcat are under the following directories:
1. /webapps/CmcApp/WEB-INF
2. /webapps/InfoViewApp/WEB-INF
- Edit each of the Web.xml files with a text editor
Navigate to the context-param key. Edit to read as follows:
b. .NET based (IIS)
- Create a copy and then edit the WEB.CONFIG files which are in the following directories:
1. \BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\WebContent\InfoViewApp\CmcApp\
2. \BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\WebContent\InfoViewApp\InfoViewApp\
Navigate to the context-param key. Edit to read as follows:
4.     Reconfigure the web.xml files if you have added any cluster and cluster member information in them or other references to the old server name
5.     Reconfigure the shortcuts created by the install: delete the old shortcuts and create new ones using the new URL
6.     Node names: if you have performed a default installation, the install creates a node with the name of the server in the format .
You can keep the old naming without affecting the functionality of the Business Objects Enterprise Installation but if you want to rename the nodes for more clarity:
- log on to the CMC, navigate to Servers select Properties and rename it
- create a new node, add it to the cluster, then delete the old one
7.     SIA node: it is not possible to change the SIA node name, you should create a new one and then create a new set of servers associated to the new SIA, once all tests confirm that the Business Objects deployment is fully functional you can delete the old one
8.     Ensure the File Repository Servers are still referencing the correct location for the file store root directory
CMC > Servers
They may still be using local location defined by default variables or they may have changed.
Confirm they are still configured correctly.
9.     Database reporting: If there is a database on this server and you have created any machine name specific references to it for db reporting, these will need to be re-configured as well. Such configurations will not affect our application specifically but it will affect our application's ability to service your user requests.
10.     Change the default URL ("SI_VIEWER_URL") if you need to email the report to the users. Refer to the SAP Note 1259126 for the details.

Refer also to:

Please note that changing just IP Address should NOT have  any impact on the system.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Desktop Compatibility Pack (DCP) with SAP BI Platform 4.1 SP1

Desktop Compatibility Pack (DCP) 

The “Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack” has been delivered in Fix Pack (FP) 6.1 which is to be installed over Desktop Intelligence XI 3.1 SP6 desktop product. 
When installed, it  allows the Desktop Intelligence reports, users, universes and database connections to be managed by the BI 4.1 platform. 

The goal is to allow Desktop Intelligence users and content to move to BI 4 as easily as possible.
The Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack helps in scenarios with reports are difficult or costly to convert to Web Intelligence.
Don't bet on "DCP" to keep your Deski documents alive, this feature is only there to facilitate your migration project and nothing more. We must not forget that a migration project is often associated with a project to convert your Deski (.REP) documents to Webi (WID).

The  steps to follow for installing are the following:
1.       Install SBOP Enterprise Clients 3.1 Service Pack 6
2.       Install SAP BI 4.1 Clients
      Mandatory components to be installed
      Web Intelligence Rich Client
 Report Conversion Tool
3.       Install SBOP Enterprise Client Tools XI 3.1 FixPack 6.1 or later (Please apply the latest SBOP Enterprise Client Tools XI 3.1 FixPack)
1.       XI 3.1 FixPack should be installed AFTER BI 4.1 Client Installation
2.       If you are upgrading from SBOP Enterprise Client Tools XI 3.1 FixPack 6.1 to 6.2, then please refer to SAP NOTE: 1903183

        You can refer to the SAP NOTE: 1896617, for a sample script on how to create a slient installer, this can be customized as per requirements.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Webi 4.0 Error: c3_qtds_error_it_505

Error c3_qtds_error_it_505

SAP BO 40 SP 8
Db Oracle 10 i

The problem was that no group had the right at least to view this connection

So in order to solve the error we gave the view right to the specific group

Another solution you can try to solve this problem requires to follow these steps:

Log on to CMC->Universe Connection->Manage->Top level Security
Assign the Data access right in Relational connection
Choose your connection 
Data Access(Owner right)
Use Connection (Owner Right)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Soon: troubleshooting with UMT & Promotion Management

Dear readers
soon I will write down for you troubleshooting  with Upgrade Management Tool  and Promotion management
while migrating from XI R3.1 SP 4 to BI 4 sp8.
Best regards